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Unleash Your Visionary Brand with a VIP Design Intensive

Branding + Web Design for


Unleash Your Visionary Brand with a VIP Design Intensive

Branding + Web Design for


Unleash Your Visionary Brand with a VIP Design Intensive

You know in your heart you’re a creative genius with powerful gifts to share with the world.

But your technicolor vibe is missing from your brand and you keep telling yourself to use your inside voice.

Every time you try to untangle your thoughts about your business and translate it into your website, you end up with a hot mess.

I can help you cut through the chaos and uncover your authentic brand, so you feel confident to show up as the rockstar we both know you are.

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Sweep Your Ideal Clients Off Their Feet Without the Wait

You want to captivate your customers now, not 3 months from now.  You don’t have time to work with a designer who is juggling multiple clients and has to get back up to speed on your business every time they communicate with you.

During a VIP Design Intensive, I focus on YOUR business only, each day we work together. So you get a strategic brand and a magnetic website, instead of an inbox full of emails asking you the same question you answered in your first design meeting.

Doesn’t that sound better than a months-long slog?!

Why VIP Design Intensives are Great for Small Businesses

The traditional branding and web design process is tailored for large companies with multiple stake-holders who need to have lengthy internal discussions before making a decision. These projects require a lot of time up front to understand and meticulously document what is required and what will be delivered. And when more people are involved on the client side, additional resources for project management are added, and the timeline just keeps growing.

Most creative entrepreneurs and small business owners are the primary – or only – decision-makers. You don’t have time to wait weeks or months for your logo or website to be completed. You need a nimble, flexible solution that can accommodate you quickly, provide a fast turn-around, and deliver stunning designs.

And that is exactly what my VIP Design Intensive provides.

Focus on Your Creative Passion

Just because you are super-creative, doesn’t mean you have to design your own logo and build your own website (and create your social media graphics, and, and, and…). 

I know you think you SHOULD be able to, and maybe you could if you had the time. Or if you could stop procrastinating because you don’t really know where to start. Or if you could just make sense of your ideas and turn them into a visual brand identity. 

Spend your precious time on YOUR creative passion – that your clients love you for.

Design is my passion, so let me take it off your plate.

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Vivian Liebenson
Vivian Liebenson, Founder, Cuppa Creativity

Hello, You Fabulous Creative Entrepreneur!

My mission is to help passionate creatives showcase their gifts to the world through professional branding and web design. 

As a designer, mixed-media artist, illustrator, and creativity coach, I understand all the challenges inherent in the rollercoaster that is the creative process. There are already enough creative blocks that can derail you from finishing whatever it is you create – overwhelm, fear, resistance, creative chaos. 

Branding and web design don’t have to be part of the list.

Through my stress-free, collaborative, VIP Design Intensives, I can help extract the essence of your brand and mold it into a stunning website. 

Ready to get started with a VIP Design Intensive?

“THANK YOU to Vivian at Cuppa Creativity for the perfectly laid out and gorgeous website design!”