About Cuppa Creativity

Vivian Liebenson
Vivian Liebenson, Founder/Lead Designer, Cuppa Creativity

Hi, I'm Vivian

I’ve been working as a graphic and web designer for over 20 years, and making art since I was old enough to hold a crayon.

I hold a BFA in Experimental Studio Art from Syracuse University and a Graphic Design Certificate from Clark University.

After college I worked as a bookstore manager in Boston while continuing to study performance art, children’s book illustration, and improv.

In the mid-1990’s, when the internet was in its its infancy, a friend’s fiancé told me about his job as a “web designer” and I was fascinated. A few months later I quit my bookstore job, enrolled in graphic design classes, and accepted an unpaid internship at an interactive startup. 

After working at design agencies and software companies as Senior Designer, Art Director and Design Manager, in April 2020 I launched Cuppa Creativity. I absolutely love being able to work directly with my VIP clients and lavish all the attention to detail and expert service they deserve. 

Today I live in Rockville, MD with my family and the world’s most docile cats, Chickpea and Nemo.